software development industry should focus more on the “Thing”

I recently read some discussions about software craftsmanship in different blogs which you can find all of them at the end of this post. This discussion originated by this post from Dan North. In all of these discussions Michael Feathers’s article about the “Thing” in software development was really great and had interesting points. I couldn’t be more agree with him about that. We should focus more on the “Thing” in software development rather than some names and labels. If you think about it carefully and read about different things like Agile, Craftsmanship, XP, Pragmatic Programmers, etc in more details you’ll find that most of their goals are same. They all looking for better efficiency and greater performance and better results.

We should focus on theses “Things” more than anything else instead of discussing with each other about these labels and reputations. They all came up with values, principles, patterns, practices, metaphors and etc for describing the “Thing” better and achieving the main goals in the most successful way that is possible.

What you call yourselves or your friends doesn’t matter at all, what matter is that you all want same things. You all wants being successful and developing software in best way with the best possible results. You can call it “Craftsmanship” or “Agile” or even “Software Dancing” or whatever, the important part is the “Thing”. We all want that and looking for that, so stop wasting time with these names and focus more than anything on the “Thing”. Most of the goals about the “Thing” are here, great post from Uncle Bob which describes most of the important issues in efficient and great software development.


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